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  1. New Friends

From the recording I Ain't Sorry 2


[Verse 1]
New friends say I'm different now
How you ain't even been around
We don't gotta kick it I ain't missing out
I got plans I don't mess around
I got day ones they gone hold it down
Run the town haters talking I don't hear a sound
They opinion they can save it now
I'm thinking millions in my bank account That's what my brain about
Thinking of taking my mama right down to Jamaica now
I cannot wait for tomorrow man I got a make it now
We cannot talk I do not hang around
Say that they wanting my time
I'm making em pay me now
Old friends talkin ego right
Like dog I put in work
I don't sleep at night
Y’all steady with faking don't even try
I can see the lies with a eagle eye
From the 602 to the 305
Straight to BET what you mean
You can see I'm fly
Now she see I'm up, hit me up
I ain't being nice
Think you need a Sprite
Felicia bye
ahh Jesus Christ

New friends say I'm different now
how you ain't even been around
Old friends talkin ego right
like dog I put in work
I don't sleep at night
I deserve this I deserve it
I was hurtin I was worthless
Thoughts lurking had me nervous
I know my worth I found my purpose

New Friends, yeah

[Verse 2]
Old friends think I owe em something
Oh you know you buggin I don't owe you nothing
Boy I'm stunting got em torn up just like Letoya Luckett
Now They know I run it call that Forest Gumping
All my thoughts worth plenty now
But I’m wise I don’t hand a penny out
Call me underground now still they hand sticking out
I rip it off since they talk to me like I’m just a clown
Way that I’m making it happen they think its a magic show
Started from nothing and made it to something I’m powerful
Nobody love you until everyone love you that’s how it go
Started my squad up and
Now that I got em they
yelling out all of the FridayFlows
New friends need to just relax
M’s I ain’t stressing that
Lames start up beef for some pepperjack
Like where the lettuce at
So my trust they get less of that
I’m knocking doors down word to Everlast
I’ll forever last Ali you can check the stats
Show you all the way like the Cheshire cat
That’s a fact bout my business
Never kick it just to chat, nah