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  1. Go For It (Remix)

From the recording I Ain't Sorry 2


Used to talk a lot that don't mean nothing
They was looking down on me straight mean mugging
But I think they mad cause I'm up now
Yeah they know wassup now wow
Said I couldn't do it so I had to go for it
I knew I could do it I just had to go for it
If you wanna do it you just gotta go for it
Don't just talk about it homie go for it

[Verse 1]
Haters don't like how I'm living
They want me to quit it
I know that they hope for it
But that's cause they hating they self
And the way that they living I know that it's so boring
I don't see nothing but winning for me
Gotta get it so I'ma just go
Oh boy, I got it under control like I got the remote for it
Now I gotta couple messages from all these women that just want the shine yo
I don't really got the time no
I don't want you on my line whoa
Everyday I would spend up late at night
Really paying off up in my life though
The world is feeling like it's mine
Look at that I did it all with my mind mind
Now I'm up in the position to flip it upside down
I'm feeling like I'm up right now
Who can I really trust right now
My enemies getting way too close
They thinking they really tough right now
They thinking they really tough right now
They ending up getting shut right down
I gotta get up and go for it
I gotta get up and go
I got drive like I chauffeur
Get out my way if you slow
They gotta get out the road
They don’t wanna see me glow
So you know I’m bout to glow
You already know the code
Put that work in till I’m old
I put enough of that work in
Now they know why I deserve it
Cause I found my purpose
I'm done with searching
I'm really believing that everyone's perfect
Look how I'm pulling up on em though
Switch the game up like an audible, gotta go
Show you that I been about it though
Even if you don't believe that it's possible


[Verse 2]
Okay look it now it's time to get up
I been focused tryna mind my business
So I kick it with the dude inside mirror
Man I think he got a super power in him
Got the fire in him keep the tires spinning
Only getting tired when he tired of sitting
Round waiting told me that he gotta get it
Ain't a lotta time inside this life we living
So I take it a day at a time
Don't really care what anyone say man I'm fine
No I can never keep any hate on my mind
Looking like Rodney Mullen I stay on my grind
I ain't really with the politicking
Young boy I got a lot of living
And if they say they got a problem with it
Tell em mind they business
Cause I know I'm a P R O
Produce it like I'm D R E
31 until I D I E
Now they wanna be like me
Gotta do it B I G
Cause they know that I be Ali
I walk up in the VIP
No They don't need see ID
Now my life feel like a movie
I feel the power running through me
Told em I'ma do me
If you hate it sue me
I really don't care how you view me
Spending my days on the better side
Living right now ain't no better time
Now I'm kicking it with Caroline's
They too busy out here telling lies