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  1. Tragic

From the recording I Ain't Sorry 2


All I do is speak what I know
That's the only way I can do it.

I been thinkin’ too much
Workin’ too much
Keepin’ to my self
Ain’t no one to trust
I know what they want
I know what they want
Oh it’s so tragic
You ain’t gotta front

[Verse 1]
Hold up wait hold it
I don’t got time for the games
I don’t like waiting for loading
I am not patient I know it
You can’t get my focus
I’m making a wave and they soak it
As soon as I say it they quote it
They knowing that if I create it it’s golden
I feel like my brain is exploding
from all of the shade that my haters been throwing
Back back up
Gimme my space
Work until I can’t
Wonder why they wanna run around me
When I’m not around they wanna talk about me
Soon as I come around then they all about me
But won’t say it to my face


[Verse 2]
You ain’t gotta lie
Come on keep it real with me
Don’t know how it feel to be
Grinding in the field with me
You ain’t never failed with me
Never took a L with me
In the rain, sleet, or hail with me
This is like a spelling bee
I gotta spell it out huh
Guessing that I gotta spell it out
I better settle down for I get hella wild
The beast inside of me bout to come and erupt
Yuh tryna find out why I’m outta touch
Cause you not reliable to trust
Every time you calling me up
You finna get declined in a rush
Wonder why I never talk to you much
It’s probably your time of the month
You know I don’t really rock with it much
Put it stop to it cause
Ain’t nobody tryna deal with that
Better chill with that cause it’s not what I want
Oh it's so tragic
Notice I been gassing
Driven with a passion
Y’all been stuck in traffic
Hit me with the address
She said “pull up on me”
Told me that she lonely
I told her get up off me


Right when I get in the pocket
I can tell they all about to lose it
Gotta shock em like a socket
Back up I might electrocute you
Couple homies had to drop em
Cause they talk to me like I’m stupid
Never understood their Logic
The truth is they just like a Rubix
Switching up mixing up
One day they with you
The next they don’t hit you up
I do not get it bruh, listen up
I just gotta paint the picture up
Just so I can make it vivider uhh
Being myself is so pivotal
Can't nobody do it like me
I'm up at the pinnacle
Independent individual
I be looking in the mirror yo
I am a miracle