From the recording I Ain't Sorry 2


Ayy, ayo.
You know what it is, goin all the way,
I knew this was gone happen.
I had a vision, forreal.
Steady whipping in my city (Phoenix)
Get It Get It Get It Get It
I don’t think you really get it (Nah)
Had a vision, had a vision
I Get It Get It Get It Get It

[Verse 1: Ali Tomineek]
Red used to whip the PT
Stuffing speakers through the back doors
We was dreaming in the front seat
Had my mind on them packed shows
Now we done brought it to life
Still don’t know how act though
But I’m fresh up off a movie set
So yes I guess I do know how to act though
What they gone say to me now
I swear to God I don’t care what they think of me now
Look, they gone try breaking me down
Still got my name in they mouth
They should try taking it out


[Verse 2: LEEL]
I'm driven, I move with ambition
Cause all that I know is "go get it"
I don't focus on no competition
I just hustle hard and handle business
If I take a L I won't lie to myself
Independence can get pretty hectic
I'm blessed boy I'm second to none
I go all the way up till I fill up the sections
My vision won't blur I'm no newbie
I'm working till life is a movie
I ride around Phoenix I'm hot as a demon
Got too many packs in the hooptie
Chris told me "LEEL you deserve it,
You gotta go get it man this is your purpose"
I want all respect I deserve and
I never forget I came up from the surface